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Coolest Mater’s Tall Tales 6th Birthday Party

My son loves pixar cars especially “Mater Tall Tales” and we decided to throw a special 6th Birthday Party.

I found the perfect invitation at hallmark “mater the greater”. We personalized with my son’s picture and in the back the party information.

For decorations I printed traffic signs and checkered flags. Also at the dollar store I bought several inflatable tire tubes for decorations but the kids decided to have a race with them and had a great time.

I bought most of my party supplies at Birthday express, but the two items we loved the most was the banner and the race car photo prop.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The banner is made of heavy duty vinyl and because we had twenty minutes of rain in the middle of the party we ran inside and the banner survived the weather, so I was glad we bought because all my paper decorations got wet and were ruined.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

The race car photo prop was great! The kids loved it. I took great pictures that I sent back as a thank you cards.

For the cake I baked two round cakes: one chocolate, one vanilla with strawberry filling and butercream to create a “Race Track Cake” and cars toys for the final touch.

For the “Mater Cupcakes” I used one box vanilla cake to make 14 regular cupcakes (for the body) and 14 mini cupcakes (for the head,), 1 can of chocolate frosty, candies and marshmallows for the teeth.

I also prepared an ice cream cake. I let the ice cream thaw a bit, put wax paper on one of the round cake pans and filled the pan with the ice cream. I then covered with plastic wrap and placed in the freezer for a few hours. I then prepared one box of vanilla cake, baked and let it cool. To assemble the cake, I placed the cake, then ice cream, more cake and then iced it with whip cream. I decorated with and edible strip image of cars that I bought online.

It was a hot summer day and we bought a $5.00 Cars water slide where the kids hade a great time.

Maters Tall Tales Pinata and Mini Pinatas

The pinata was time consuming, messy but super fun. I started two months in advance, for a traditional pinata you can use a balloon to make a round shape, but this one was special, I used a big box. First I covered it with a big black plastic bag (to make it easy to take out the box when the paper dried reveling my shape – with a ballon pinata you just pinch the balloon). I made a lot of glue (hot water and flour) then I tore newspaper into strips and glued it to the box. I took 2 days to dry. I repeated the step three times more, finally it was dry and super hard. Using scissors, I cut the bottom of the pinata to remove the box because my dry paper formed a perfect hard rectangular shape. At the dollar store i bought 5 rolls of brown crepe paper to cover all the pinata with white glue. For the wheels I used 2 balloons and repeated the process with the glue and paper. I let it dry and them cut each ballon in half to make four wheel. I attached them to the truck, and decorated each wheel with black crepe paper.

Coolest Kid Birthday Party

Finally I decorated the pinata with eyes, teeth, mouth etc. My son was so happy with the final product that I decided to do “mini pinatas” because “Mater” is full of characters and imagination like: El Materdor, Mater the Greater, Monster Truck, Firefighter Mater. Each kid got one as a favor to take home. They loved it and I was so proud.

At the end of the party I gave the kids confetti eggs (it’s a tradition in my parties) it was so much fun watching the kids break the eggs while the confetti was all over the hair. To make confetti eggs hollow an egg (I started saving them in advance every time I cooked) by making a small hole on one end of the egg and carefully breaking the shell away with your fingernail. Wash and let it dry. Fill with confetti. I used crepe paper to cover the hole and decorated with colored maker.

To see my son Happy with his party was worth all the effort. Everybody had a great time!