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Coolest Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas and Photos

Cowboy birthday party ideas and photos by: Donna from Leechburg, PA

My son’s and daughter’s birthdays are only two days apart, so we usually need to pick one theme that they both like. Last year, we decided on a Cowboy birthday party.

I started by taking black & white pictures of them in their cowboy hats for the invitations and wording it that they were outlaws needed to be captured.

Cowboy Birthday Party

I decorated the yard with lots of cactus plants and cowboy boots. I had sheriff badges for all the kids and, since you can walk under our porch, I taped paper towel rolls together and covered them with foil and hung them off the porch to look like jail bars to capture my kids.

For the games we set up empty pop cans to shoot with water guns and I filled the sandbox with coins so the kids could dig for gold. We also had a cactus piñata.

Cowboy Birthday Party

We even roasted a pig for dinner to feel like real cowboys on the range. We had two cakes – A cactus cake and a cowboys and Indians doing battle cake.

The kids had a great time at our party. After the party, we sent out these thank you notes:

Cowboy Birthday Party