We decided to have the whole party in our backyard. I got yellow construction paper and cut out a huge circle and drew a railroad crossing on it and hung them on the door leading outside. Then, I used black electrical tape on the sidewalk outside to make a train track that led to the grass. I used two pieces of 5 foot long pvc pipe and wrapped red streamers around them and then put two red balloons at the top of each to serve as the railroad crossing bars at the end of the porch. I didn’t want to have to entertain the kids, so I just rented a train bounce house, which went perfectly with the theme.

For table decorations, I used a train quilt on one table, and on two of the tables I had Lego trains and train books that my son likes to read. The cake table was by far the best. It was a round table with the train cake (Wilton train cake pan) in the middle of it. Around the cake, we set up a toy train track that went around the cake for the entire party. People loved it! For favors, each kid received an engineer hat, an engineer whistle, and a train-shaped sucker. All the parents loved how it was put together, and I was sad to see the party end!